After the match between Sabah and Gabala (3: 0) on the last day of the second round of the Azerbaijani Premier League, the head coach of the guests Elmar Bakhshiyev attended the press conference. reports that the young specialist first spoke about the game: 

"We played two different parts. In the first half, my team couldn't play the football we wanted, but in the second half, Gabala was the field I wanted. We have shortcomings and we know it. We need time and I hope we will have a better football team in the future. ".

 - Gabala played better in both halves, but Sabah was different better.
  - Our team is new. There are new players and now we can't demand more from them. We will get better over time.
- What made Javid Huseynov take less time?

- We need all the players we have. Now Javid's condition allowed him to play so much.

 - You missed goals. This should not only be for newcomers, there should be other reasons…

 - There are new connections and there is no connection between the lines.

 - It seems that the main problem of the team is to put an end to it. How many rounds do we need to see the ideal Gabala?

 - We were better on the field in the second half. I do not want my team to be on defense. We need a striker and we will transfer according to the budget. Our new transfer is perhaps the discovery of this championship. But he has just arrived and has to adapt to the team.

 - What are your goals for the current season?

 - Our first interest is not in the Euroleague, but in the formation of the team. If the team gets better, our claims can grow.

 - Compared to last season, did "Sabah" strengthen or "Gabala" weaken?

 - I am responsible for my team. I think Gabala has become stronger and I believe that my team will be better. We try to make the most of the players we have. It is true that we do not have a "hitting foot". We will expand our game in the future.

 - Anar Nazirov is criticized on social networks. What can you say about it?

 - Football is a game full of mistakes. It is easy to criticize someone from the sidelines. Anar is one of our key players and I will believe in him until the end.