"The game was difficult. The opponent is a good team. We tuned the team to the game. They hit those who do not score in football. I think it was not a fair result. I am not afraid of any team in the championship. I believe in the players, there are just not enough goals.

Offsideplus.az reports that the ideas of "Gabala" coach Elmar Bakhshiyev the sixteenth round of the visit of the Premier League "Neftchi" 0: 1 losers, said at a press conference after the game.

The 41-year-old specialist said that they did not score a penalty during the 16th round: "The referees have a dislike for us. Neftchi was fined in some episodes, but not us. Maybe Neftchi officials are putting pressure on the referee. We do not need help. The referees are always against us." "Mistakes happen. Mistakes are not corrected, they continue one after another. The referees must also draw conclusions. We will show with our game that Gabala lives and will live."

Bakhshiyev said: "The referee tells me that you have crossed the line. I see that I am 5-10 centimeters ahead. If they pay attention to it, we can not talk about football. We do not need help. Congratulations to the opponent. did."