The Gabala legionnaire gave an interview.

According to, in an interview with Footmercado , Nicolas Rice spoke about his past and current situation: 

"It was the winter of 2019. At that time, I was interested in the Belgian second league. I had no offer from France. However, 3 years. I was chosen as the best player in the French second division. People forgot me a little bit. I wanted to change the environment. My friend Abdelrafik Gerard signed a contract with Gabala. He told me to come after informing the club management. I also want confidence, a chance to play and a new start. "Everything is fine here for a fresh start."

Nicolas said that the first games at Gabala were good: "The start was very good: I scored 4 goals in 4 games and gave a productive pass. But after the pandemic, everything turned upside down. The championship stopped once and the season ended early. Despite everything, my club offered to extend my contract for another year. Since I feel good here, I decided to renew my contract. I have been here for a year and everything is going well. I have regular meetings, I have no problems with my health and physical condition. I hope I was able to regain my pre-injury features. "

The experienced player said that he is now open to all offers: "I can't spit on this or that club, this or that country. I can't say that there is a great demand when I see some of my former talented teammates left without clubs due to the pandemic, reducing club budgets and staff. "If there is a new interesting offer from Azerbaijan, I can stay here. If a European or even a French club is interested, I will consider all options. Some doors may open for me to get the status of a free agent this summer."