The head coach of the Qarabag club Gurban Gurbanov commented on the match against Keshla in the second round of the Azerbaijani Premier League. reports what he said at a press conference after the game, which ended 0-0:

- The game was not easy. We wanted to win, we gained one point. The players really suffered a lot. We played against a team with high motivation. My players felt the tough game. We must forget about this game and tune in to the upcoming match.

- We did not see Jaime Romero. What is the condition of Mahir and Bedavi?

- We planned to replace Bedavi from the beginning. We were careful, so I replaced him with Maxim. There were no plans to replace Mahir. Romero had a muscle ache and may join the team tomorrow. I do not believe he will be 100 percent ready for the next game. Maybe he will appear in the second half, or play in the last 15-20 minutes. Mahir's condition looks serious. Probably, it will be known more precisely tomorrow.

- How will the match with Molde in Cyprus affect the motivation of the players?

- Such decisions sometimes motivate players, and sometimes vice versa. If it had been decided earlier, we would have prepared ourselves for it. What affects us is the late decision. We thought that if the decision was delayed so late, the game would probably take place in Baku. Hopefully, this will give positive motivation to the players. Sometimes, maximum motivation also hinders the player and harms the team. We can not say a word about the decision of UEFA.

- Shahruddin asked his teammates in the game "Can't we play without conceding a goal?" he remarked. What can you say about this?


- Sometimes there are criticisms, conversations and it stays in the minds of footballers. We have such cases. I think it's normal.

- Molde has ordered 8 forwards for the match with Karabakh ...

- Probably they will use 2-3 forwards in the game. We will try to prevent them.

- Will we be able to see Musa Gurbanov on the field this season?

- Can be. As well as other young players.

- Can the new transfer Patrick Andrade be on the field in the next match?

- We will start preparations tomorrow. We will think about which system to play. In the next game, he can be on the field from the first minutes and then enter.

- Is a new transfer expected?

- It is still unknown. Negotiations are underway with a small number of players.