Alexander Christavao's career in Azerbaijan is over. gathered that Keshla will soon officially announce its separation from the Angolan striker.

The striker is currently in the Netherlands. Alexander, a citizen of this country, went to see his family without permission from the club.

There were rumors that he took advantage of the break after the first round of the Premier League. Following the news, Cristavao said he would return:

"I have signed a contract with Keshla and I will stay there as long as my contract continues. I am currently in the Netherlands. I came to our country for personal reasons. I had to get a passport within five working days. Keshla knows very well that I am here for this now. I also did not see my family for a long time. I wanted to see them too. The break for the national teams was an opportunity for that. The club also knows that I will return to Azerbaijan on September 6. How to escape? I know that everything, my house is in Azerbaijan, I stayed in Baku. I will come to Azerbaijan after the club solves the ticket issue."

The promised time has passed and the striker has not returned. According to our information, the club intends to use this opportunity to terminate the contract with the player. Negotiations are underway with the player's manager and an attempt is being made to terminate the agreement.

Cristavao has said he will complain to Keshla if his contract is terminated unilaterally, but insists he will not be able to do so, given his disciplinary problems, leaving the club's camp without permission and not returning on time