"It was an interesting game. "Qarabag is one of the best teams in Azerbaijan."

The statement came from Keshla's head coach Yunis Huseynov while assessing the match against Qarabag in the second round of the Azerbaijani Premier LeagueOffsideplus.az reports.

The bronze medalist of the championship, which started the season with a victory, left the duel with the last champion in a draw (0: 0).

At the post-match press conference, Huseynov continued: “We seriously prepared for the game. The goal was to gain 3 points. I have no complaints. If our team shows such a fighting game, we can fight for good places. "


- There was a big difference between "Laci" and "Keshla" in the game and now ...

- Eurocup match consists of 1 game. There was too much desire then. Our team did not make a bad impression in that match. We just couldn't take advantage of the opportunities. If one of the episodes was a goal, we would speak differently now, we would say that we played well against Laci. I told the children that every match should be final for us. The team understands this. Today, they have shown themselves well. Our game will develop gradually.

- How did Alexander Kristovao escape from "Keshla"?

- He did not escape from anyone. He played in the main squad in the last two matches. He bought a ticket without telling anyone and left. I do not know the reason. Probably went to see his family. But you need permission to do that. He left the team without permission, we did not know. I also raised the issue that we do not need such a player. The team gets permission from the head coach. He did not tell me anything. So the team is not important to him.

- If he comes and apologizes, can you forgive him?

- No, it's not.

- You said that you will compete for high places, why not become a champion?

- One of the good places is to settle in the first "3rd". This includes the championship. This is football. Why not be a champion ?! We are playing for the championship. Our games will show how much it will be taken. If we approach all the games as a final match, it can be taken.

- Today the team seemed to have an additional motivation. What sentences did you say before the game?

- These are the sentences that belong to me that the players come out and give their lives.

- You have older players on the bench. Can you call them your "wings"?

- Experienced players support the head coach. They support me. This is also a great thing. The player's passport is on the field. (Apasport.az)