The head coach of Keshla Sanan Gurbanov attended the press conference after the match of the 16th round of the Azerbaijani Premier League, which ended in a 2: 2 draw with Zira.

 According to, the expert said the following about the match:

"During the week we tried to teach our players how to play against Zira. I think our game was better in the first half. The players played both aggressively and tactically."

Gurbanov said the opponent was a disciplined team:

"Our opponent is a disciplined team. It is not easy to play against such a team. The players realized that. The opponent became more aggressive after being left with 10 people, and the usual mistake resulted in a goal in our goal."

"We will try to keep this desire in the team. Not everything ends in this game. Of course, it would be better if we won. But it did not happen. I believe that such a team spirit will bring us victories."

The 41-year-old specialist said that he took responsibility for the defeat to Gabala in the last round:

"I take responsibility for the defeat to Gabala in the last round, for losing points today. Because I am the head coach, I let the players on the field. I am responsible for the result."