Neftchi's expenses for this season have decreased.

Neftchi's vice-president Elnur Eyvazov said this on the club's official television program Hamsohbat, reportsHe said that the budget of the main team has been reduced by 40 percent and will be less than 4 million manat. The club official stressed that if Neftchi passes the stage in the Europa League, they will reach this figure.

"Most fans are interested in the main team. Its budget is not just salaries. The main team's budget has been reduced by 40 percent to less than 4 million manat. If we invite new sponsors and advance to the next round of the Europa League, we can earn extra income. This is 46% of the total club budget. Our club is not built only on the main team. "

However, the vice president added that his main goal is the championship.