Neftchi head coach Fuzuli Mammadov attended a press conference after the match against Sumgayit (0: 2) in the second round of the Azerbaijani Premier League.

According to, he first spoke about the game:

"The opponent was more eager than us. I could not see the desire we wanted in the players. We will look at the game and analyze. There is a Europa League match ahead. It is necessary to eliminate all mistakes before that meeting. Our team did not play at the level we wanted today. We played very poorly. We never played like that. "

- Is everything okay in the team? The players almost did not want to play football. Is there a problem with Krivotsyuk's psychological condition?

 - No, there is no problem. It's just a lot of mistakes. Everything is fine in the team. The problems are ball mistakes. The players have to run more. The one who suffers the most wins. It is impossible to win only because of quality.

- The next opponent is Galatasaray. Are you terrified?

- No, nothing is covered. It's football. Defeat is not pleasant. We came on the field to win. All instructions were given in this direction. It's just that so many mistakes in defense and midfield should lead to goals. There is no panic. We will play against Galatasaray to win.

- Joseph Laval and Talisson understood better than those on the right ...

- Namig Alasgarov did not play the game we wanted today, so I replaced him after the break. Our main problem is in the middle field.

- Why was the match with Galatasaray transferred to BOS?

- The reason for this is that the grass cover here is not at the level we want, and the cover there is better. There are several other reasons.

- Don't you think that today you are more behind in terms of tactics?

- No, I do not think so. The players tried to complete the tasks. But they could not do it as a team.

- After conceding the second goal, you played with 3 forwards. But Monroe was playing behind the center strikers. Was that your assignment?

- Yes. Yusuf helped the midfield during the loss of the ball.

- You could not show great greatness in the attack. Is the problem in Mirabdullah?

- On the contrary, Mirabdulla did not make a bad impression today compared to previous matches. There were episodes when he was attacked, but did not receive a pass. He could not hit the blow well in one episode. Mirabdullah's determination made me happy. I didn't see the determination then. If he plays like this in the future, he can be a key player.

- Mbodj protested when he was replaced. Is there any penalty for him?

- We talked to Mbodj in the locker room now, I accepted his mistake. No player should object to the decision of the head coach. I understand it. We were back in the score, it was nervous. There is no need for any fines. Probably not again. Mbodj did not train three days ago, he had a muscle problem. I was even afraid to let it play. He said he was ready. He didn't train for 6-7 days and didn't deliver in some episodes. We replaced Stankovic, who is more ready.

- Recently, "Sumgayit" is a left-handed opponent for "Neftchi". Can Neftchi, which could not beat Sumgayit, be ready for the match with Galatasaray?

- We still have time. We will go to this game to win.

- If you lose to Galatasaray, will you stay in the team?

- This is our first defeat. Our job is to work on mistakes. Everything depends on our leader. I am ready for any decision.