Neftchi 's head coach Fuzuli Mammadov attended a press conference ahead of tomorrow's UEFA Europa League second qualifying round match against Galatasaray in Baku.

According to, the young specialist said:

 "We have made a detailed analysis of the opponent and informed the players. All my players will do their best to win tomorrow. If we have a 1 percent chance, we will try to make the most of it. "

- The strongest side of Galatasaray is the offensive and attacking midfield. But Neftchi also has problems with the position of support midfielder. Do you have any plans for this? 

- We know the strengths and weaknesses of the opponent. If you say so for the last game, you are right. But tomorrow's meeting will be completely different. If we say that we have fully analyzed the opponent, then we have some plans against him.

- After the match with Sumgayit you said that you are not satisfied with some players. Is a change expected in the team?

- We have not decided yet. We will decide after our last training.

- What did you do to get the team out of the psychological "patch" after the defeat to "Sumgayit"?

- I do not think we are in the "patch". We just lost. We will prepare the team for the match as much as possible psychologically. Our players are experienced, they played against such opponents.

- Is this game a great chance for you and your team?

- To succeed against such teams is to go down in history. Each of our footballers wants to win and go down in the history of Neftchi.

- The last game showed that there is a problem in the defensive line. Your relationship with Mamadou Mbodj did not look right, and it seems that Anton Krivotsyuk has a psychological problem. What do you expect from them tomorrow?

- Looking forward to a good game. I have no problem with Mbodj. He saw his mistakes, we understood each other. I expect a beautiful, combative, combative game from my team.

- Shortly before the match, the stadium changed. How did this affect your plan?

- There was no such effect. We play in our hometown. Our national team also played in this arena.

- Did you have a special conversation with Emin Mahmudov about this game? Because when his game is taken, the team performs well ...

- For me, every player is valuable. We talked to all the players, both individually and as a team. They are not small, they are ready for the game.

- What is the latest situation of the new striker Prince Ibara?

- We will make a full decision after the last training. But I like his condition.