Neftchi's new transfer Ahmed Ahmedov has made his debut in the Premier League.

According to, the Bulgarian striker, who stepped on the field in the 54th minute of the match with "Gabala" on Saturday, did his best, but could not score. We contacted Ahmedov to introduce him to the fans, as well as to find answers to questions about his new team and our country during his few days in Azerbaijan. 

- New country, new team - can you compete?

- I got used to it very quickly, everything is normal. Everyone was well received, I feel very comfortable in the team. I'm also a quick-witted person. After all, the people of this country are warm, it would be difficult not to get used to. There is no difficulty in this direction.


- Your name is close to Azerbaijan, you also speak Turkish. What can you say about your parents' background?

- We are Turks, but I was born in Bulgaria. We are Bulgarian Turks left over from the Ottoman Empire. My mother and father are also Turks. We were just born and raised in Bulgaria.

- Do you have relatives in Turkey?

- Of course. We have relatives in Bursa. From time to time we visit Turkey for a walk.

- What language do you speak at home?

- In Turkish. Also, our village - Chepelce is a village inhabited by Turks. Everyone there speaks Turkish. 

- Before coming to Baku, did you know about Azerbaijan and football of this country?

- Of course there is. Turkey is a brotherly country, I knew certain things. True, I did not know much about football, but I heard that "Karabakh" and "Neftchi" are the biggest teams. To be honest, I did not watch local football.

- Have you ever received an offer from Azerbaijani clubs before?

- No, this is the first time. 

- How did you feel when you received the offer, what did you think at first?

- In fact, I did not think much. I always wanted to play. For this, I had to choose the right address. I think Neftchi will be a good place for me in this regard. I got an offer, I didn't think much, I said yes, I will go. I listened to the voice inside me.

- You have been with the team for 3-4 days, you even played against Gabala. What are your thoughts on Neftchi's game and the team in general?

- My thoughts are at the highest level. My family and friends are interested, I tell them that I came to a very beautiful country and a strong team. To be honest, I did not think that Neftchi was so strong. The situation is very good, both in terms of the level of players and conditions. 

- Compare Neftchi with CSKA (Sofia)?

- I do not want to answer this question. Or rather, I do not want to make such a choice and comparison between the two teams. Both teams are at a high level.

- Will the goals come?

- Hopefully, brother. I believe in it a lot. I will do my best to make my team and our fans happy. By God's leave, the arms will also come.