Kevin Kubemba gave an interview to the French press.

According to, the 28-year-old French striker said that it was comfortable for him to live in Azerbaijan: "We have all the comforts here. We speak English with our teammates and have an interpreter. Another French footballer, Amadou Diallo, also plays in the team. "Azerbaijan is a fully developed country. There are many natural resources here."

After returning from injury, Kubemba said that the Spanish head coach Vicente Gomez gave him a chance. He also recalled that he had been infected with the coronavirus before: "I also had the virus. I was quarantined for 7 days. Our championship continues. Now we want to improve our situation."

It should be noted that Kevin, who has been playing for Sabah since 2019, became a bronze medalist of our Premier League by playing for Sabail in the 2018-19 season.