"We watched an interesting game today. Everything that made the game beautiful was on the field."

Offsideplus.az reports the words Sabail head coach Avtandil Hajiyev as his side lost to Zira in the 2nd round of the Premier League at home. The game ended at 1: 2.

He spoke at the press conference after the game.

The 39-year-old specialist said that Mirsahib Abbasov did not take part in the match due to family problems: "Today we did not give a chance to Peyman Keshavar, we have few central defenders. "He played in defense at the club."

The young head coach said about Rauf Aliyev, who could not use the penalty: "We have always known him as a player who scored a penalty. The goalkeeper saved the penalty, which shows his skill. If Rauf failed to score, it does not mean we will not trust him"