"It was an interesting match today. Both teams fought on the field and did not want to lose."

Sabail's head coach Aftandil Hajiyev said this at a press conference after the 2-0 home victory over Sabah in the 16th round of the Azerbaijani Premier League, Offsideplus.az reports.

The 40-year-old specialist said they wanted to win after a hard schedule: "Today the players tried to do all the tasks accurately. We played very carefully. The previous mistakes were reduced to a minimum today. We did not give the opponent a chance to score. We were more active in attack. We won. The championship is hard. We are the team playing in the most difficult schedule. It is difficult to get results and play well with a weak team. Until now, I was not completely dissatisfied with our game. We conceded goals due to our mistakes. "


According to Hajiyev, today's game of defenders made him happy: "I wanted to see Sabail on the field. We were one of the teams that conceded fewer goals until the winter. We played better in the first half of the match. In the second half the opponent's system changed. We managed to play without mistakes. After scoring the second goal, the opponent calmed down. Today we won the game we wanted. But the next matches will be difficult. We can not relax. We have a difficult away game with "Karabakh". We must forget about this match and prepare for it. "I wish success to the opponent. Today they managed to make a fuss with the public with their transfers. I believe that in the future they will be able to achieve the desired success."

The head coach recalled the matches in the cup: "It was not Sabail's fault to stop the fight in the cup. The referee made mistakes in both matches. I do not want to blame my team for the cup. We were superior to the opponent in both games." Sumgayit is a team with experience in cup games. There is no open outsider in our championship. There are teams with a large staff and opportunities. Although we are lagging behind due to these factors, we will not lag behind in our game. We will fight until the end. We have not demanded to qualify for the Europa League "(Report).