"It was an interesting and intense game. Sabail fought hard against Neftchi in the first round. We knew they would play until the end. We scored 3 important points. I think we will continue to do so."

Zira's head coach Rashad Sadigov said this at a press conference after their 2-1 away victory over Sabail in the second round of the Premier League, Offsideplus.az reports.

The 38-year-old said: "We were better today than in the first game. I don't like to set any goals. We look at every game to win. As a team we want to take the right steps. I've always wanted the best. I want to qualify for the league. I want to reach the goals with the right game. We have to be good as a team and play the right football. Victory is always sweet, but it is better when it is a well-groomed game. We can see better teams in the European arena. There are many players in our team who are the future of our football. They are more confident and brave in the games. I always want to get results, no matter where I am. "

According to the young coach, they could lose points today: "No one is insured against mistakes. Our team finally withstood the pressure of the opponent. The players were calm and behaved correctly. We will try to show a positive football in every game."

Sadigov also clarified that striker Agabala Ramazanov did not take part in the match: "Agabala was injured in training two days ago, it was unexpected for us. There are injuries in football, we must be ready for it. Ruslan Gurbanov took advantage of the opportunity on the field today."

"The national team is a place where there may or may not be an offer. It is necessary to be patient. It is not an unfair decision not to call him. Every coach has his own choice. It is necessary to work and gain the confidence of the head coach. I told my players. "(apasport.az)