Zira's head coach Rashad Sadigov attended a press conference after the 2: 2 draw with Keshla in the 16th round of the Azerbaijani Premier League.

According to Offsideplus.az, the young specialist said the following about the match:

"It was an interesting game. In the first half, we expected the opponent to attack and put pressure with great desire because they had to take risks. In the first half, we tried to control the ball as much as possible and prevent the pressure. But it didn't work out."

Sadigov said they performed better in the second half:

"I saw the team I wanted and trusted on the field. Thankfully, we lost such a difficult away match by points. Both Keshla and Sabah, which we met in the last round, are candidates for the top three. The games showed that both of them "We wanted to win and increase our points reserve, but it was very important for us not to lose in these matches. I congratulate my team from the bottom of my heart. They were not afraid, they did not break, they fought to the end."