The captain of the Azerbaijani national team Maxim Medvedev gave an interview to Report after the match of the UEFA League of Nations, which they won 1-0 in Cyprus. presents  this interview:

- You were the scorer of the only goal in Cyprus. How would you describe the match?

- The meeting was very difficult. After the quarantine, some players' physical condition was not at the desired level. The interval between the games is only 3 days. Moreover, I would like to note the way. Our head coach Gianni De Byazi analyzed the opponent well. We played with a different tactical scheme. The players in the first "11" and later in the game also managed to show a positive side. 

- What was not enough for Luxembourg in the game you lost 1: 2 in Baku?

- It was the first game, the players and the tactical scheme were different. Our game was not as we wanted. Staying with 10 people in the 25th minute ruined all our plans. Anyone with an understanding of football knows how difficult it can be when a team is in the minority. 

- Was it difficult to get out of the psychological impact of the defeat in the first round?

- Before the match with Cyprus, I was probably the most psychologically unprepared player (laughs - OR). Because I heard a lot of criticism about myself. Fortunately, I'm not young, I can easily get out of such situations. After the defeat of Luxembourg, we sat down with the head coach and the team and said that we must win 3 points against Cyprus.

- Don't you think that you responded to the criticism with your goal?

- If I score a goal, it does not mean that I answered someone. There was just a little misunderstanding. Many people misunderstood me, but those around me know what reality is. Before the interview, I asked if I could speak Russian. Because it is easier for me to speak Russian. They told me to speak Azerbaijani as best I could. After the interview, I asked how it was received. Later, I saw that this statement was exaggerated in the media. Criticism was voiced at the bar. But again, I did not mean another bad idea by using that sentence.