"Our team made a convincing impression in the true sense of the word. In particular, we had the opportunity to score more goals in the first half. But we managed to score one goal. However, thankfully, our team scored 3 points."

AFFA executive vice president of Elkhan Mammadov, visited the Azerbaijani national team after the victory over Cyprus 1: 0 in the second round of the UEFA League of Nations. 

The official of the National Association said that it was very important to win the away match after the 1: 2 defeat to Luxembourg in Baku: "Our team had to recover after the defeat in Baku. It was important to win the second match of the League of Nations and after a 10-month break. De Byazi had individual conversations with the players and gave them instructions accordingly. "

Mammadov also noted that De Byazi prepared the team for the League of Nations without holding friendly matches: "We must not forget that this was the second game for De Byazi and no friendly match was held under his leadership. "I think the League of Nations is a good opportunity in this regard."