The head coach of the Azerbaijan national team Gianni de Biasi gave an interview to the Italian press. reports that "Calsiosovietico" is worth seeing or speaking specialists and spoke about the work done in Azerbaijan:  "Given the conditions, the team of Albania, no one could imagine that we will achieve success. The command to form a new mentality and a different approach to international competitions We should try to train young people, expand their experience, and organize training camps whenever possible."

De Biazi also commented on the 2022 World Cup qualifiers: "We are starting to compete as the 5th team in the group. But the 4th place does not satisfy me. We must try to reject the idea of ​​defeat. We are a determined and intelligent team. "Italian football is very popular in Azerbaijan. Many people support Italian teams. I know that Juventus, Milan, Inter and Roma have a lot of supporters."