There are still rumors that Parviz Abdullayev unexpectedly left the popular Survivor contest broadcast on Turkish TV8. gathered that Acun Ilıcali told the Turkish media, “If we had opened the voting in Azerbaijan, we would have easily earned money, but it would be unfair. Citizens of the whole country would vote for Parviz and win him. That would not be right. Parviz was a strong participant. However, it is useless to fight cautiously in this race. You have to show character when necessary. Parviz became passive and said goodbye to the competition, "the statement did not satisfy the Azerbaijani audience.

It should be noted that Faig Abdullayev, the cousin of our athlete and director of the Cobra Sports Club, who is currently in the Dominican Republic, also disagreed with Acun Bey's opinion. It was said that it would be possible to send votes from Azerbaijan as well. But when we started the race, we knew it would not be possible. Only Azerbaijanis who have a bank account and download it to their phone could do it. As you know, many people do not have this system on their phones. Ordinary citizens, who watched Parviz's speech, wanted to support him at the right time, but could not. I am acquainted with the statement of Acun Bey. However, I do not agree with his opinion that "in this case, we would have done injustice to others." Azerbaijan has a population of 10 and Turkey has a population of more than 80 million. This meant that it would be enough to vote for any Turkish contestant. Parviz was among the favorites from the first day. But with a funny step, at the hands of the ladies, he was removed from the race. Parviz was one of the participants who added color to the competition. He was loved not only in Azerbaijan, but also in Turkey. Unfortunately, he was sent away early in the struggle. Everyone was waiting for Parviz to reach the final. "

Faig Bey also explained why his cousin, who was expelled from the race, is currently in the Dominican Republic: "When he joined Survivor, he put my number on the line. Family members kept in touch with me when they spoke to us. Parviz is still in the Dominican Republic due to the Turkish airspace being closed due to the coronavirus. Talk to you soon. He misses himself very much and wants to return home soon. But for obvious reasons, he still can't come. The situation is good, they have a special place and they stay there. I must say that Parviz will join the video broadcast on "Panorama" program, which will air today at 5 o'clock. Anyone can look. "

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