The separation of the famous Azerbaijani boxing athlete Parviz Abdullayev from the Survivor competition broadcast on Turkish TV8 channel caused a lot of noise. gathered that the athlete, known by the nickname "Cobra" Parviz, spoke about it for the first time after leaving the competition.

He thanked the people who supported him on his personal Facebook account:

"I greet everyone who loves me and supports me. The Survivor competition, which I have been dreaming of for a long time, was a wonderful adventure for me. During my time in the competition, I always felt the support of my compatriots and my Turkish brothers. I tried to justify your constant trust in me as much as I could, both with the performance I showed there and with my character. Thanks to the respect of my Turkish friends and your love, I did not feel strange there. I saw once again that I have a big family that always supports me in all my steps, rejoices in my success, and extends from Azerbaijan to Turkey as two states and one nation. This competition made me good friends. I wish them success in the competition and in their personal lives, and thank the whole team of "Survivor".