A few days ago, TV8 clarified the rumors that the six-time world champion in kickboxing, nicknamed "Cobra" Parviz Abdullayev, who left the famous Survivor competition, will be returned to the project.

Offsideplus.az reports that the head of the project and the TV channel Acun Ilicali responded to the allegations that Parviz, who could not return to Baku from the Dominican Republic, where the Survivor was held due to coronavirus, will be returned to the race.

Acun, the host and leader of the competition, broadcast live on his personal Instagram account yesterday. Most of the questions addressed to the presenter during the live broadcast were related to the Azerbaijani athlete. It is known that he will not return to the race of the same season. Acun said it was impossible to return Parviz. He was followed by a live broadcast, adding that this season's "Survivor" adventure is over for him, but as part of the AllStar team, he will try to participate more strongly in the competition in the coming years.