Twenty-five years ago, Turan went on a tour to the United States for the first time.

So far, none of our clubs has been lucky enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean after the Tovuz representative.

The Peacocks, who visited Portland in 1995, held five inspection meetings in the Yankees' country. The team coached by Kazbek Tuayev defeated Portland State (2: 0), Loxu (4: 0) and Portland Pride (6: 4), but lost to Rezen Tustelu (3: 4). The match with Aloxa United ended in a draw.

Musa Gurbanov was the best player of the team on the US tour. The forward was remembered for scoring five goals.

One of the players who was part of the tour has this to say:

Musa Qurbanov: If I am not mistaken, the visit to the United States took place through one of the acquaintances of the then President of Turan Vidadi Ahmadov in Moscow. It was a very beautiful and memorable visit. Three of the five inspection meetings were held in the main square and two in the hall. The teams we met in big football played in the amateur league. Portland Pride, which we met at the Colosseum, was the US mini-football champion that year. Each team had to have 6 people on the field at the same time. It's just that, unlike the mini-football we know, the Americans didn't talk out. The ball should always be in the game. It was a mixture of hockey and mini-football. Before the match, the home team explained the long rules to us. Vidadi Rzayev, Ilham Mammadov, who are also known for their ability to play mini-football in Turan, There were technical players like Rufat Guliyev. In short, they explained the rules to us, and in the end, we taught them football. We won that match with a score of 6: 4. After the game, the officials of the US champion team insisted that we meet for the second time. They could not digest our defeat. Before the match, they looked down on us, thinking that they would win very easily. But we did not agree to the second game. Twenty-five years ago, everything was different. Our country had not developed so much since we had just gained independence. Imagine for the first time I saw a touch hand wash there. So my teammates and I went to the bathroom. We couldn't turn on the tap when we wanted to wash our hands. At that moment, one of the Americans passed us and quietly put his hand under the tap, and we witnessed an event that surprised us all. Although he did not touch anything, the water began to come. After he came out, we did the same and washed our hands. Portland was a very large and green city. The "skyscrapers" and a large number of cars on the streets amazed us. One day my teammates and I went to the bar. When we entered, we saw that it was a great victory. There was almost no place to stop. When you pass people, you have to touch someone involuntarily. But no one was angry with you for that. Instead, the locals apologized. We said to ourselves, if this is the real America, where is the America they have been introducing to us for so many years? As you know, during the USSR, the United States was introduced to us in a completely different way.