The first FIDE online world championship will be held on February 19-21.

 284 teams from 78 countries will take part in the continental championship, reports. The total number of chess players participating in the tournament will be 1,467. 
 Our country will be represented by two teams in the competition, which will be attended by the world's largest companies such as Samsung, Ford, Microsoft, Facebook, Siemens, Airbus, IBM, Boeing and Sony. These are  SOCAR  and  SOCAR AQS. 

The leader of the SOCAR club will be Nijat Abbasov, a member of our national teamAccording to the regulations, the teams participating in the tournament can use the services of a professional chess player. That is why many famous chess players will take part in the championship. For example,  "Kinder Group"  club world champion  Magnus Carlsen, "Optive r" Dutch club  Anish Girini, Russian "Sberbank"  team  Jan Nepomnyasiyi tournament has ordered. In total, 204 chess players, including 36 grandmasters, will take part in the tournament.