Nikola Radulovic, a fan of the Serbian club Partizan, has started an interesting project. reports that Serbian fan transformed black-and-white photos to color, reflecting the historical moments of football.

We present you these interesting photos:

1949, USSR ChampionshipTorpedo against Neftchi. In the background of the Government House.

his 1

1977: West Ham goalkeeper Ray Clemens is waiting for the dog to "finish its job".

his 2

1957: New York. Marilyn Monroe at the opening of the tournament with the opening of Israeli and US clubs.
his 3
1966. Legendary Portuguese footballer Eusebio gives an interview after the match against North
Korea in the final of the World Cup. Thanks to Eusebio's poker, the Portuguese won the game 4: 3,
which they were 0: 3 behind.
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