The re-elected president of the  Professional Football League (PFL) Ramin Musayev, spoke to the press.

Musayev, who has held this post since 2008, shared his impressions and goals for the next 4 years, reports.

- The work never ends. If you love what you do, you should try to get good results from it. I used to work at the club. We try not to let the teams face the same problems again. For example, "Garabagh" and "Zira" suffered a technical defeat in the 2018/2019 season for violating the limit. In the current championship, this is no longer possible. Even if a club representative makes a mistake, he cannot violate the limit. Because the new system prevents it. We try not to cause problems for our teams.

- The participants of the meeting voted for you unanimously. Apparently, they are satisfied with Ramin Musayev's activity ...


- Probably, they agree that they voted (laughs - ES). Thank you very much. We will try to justify their confidence in the next 4 years.

- Why didn't the management of "Sumgayit" club attend the meeting?

- The president of the club Riad Rafiyev called 1.5 hours before the meeting and apologized that he was ill. His voice was also heard on the phone. He expressed his opinion to us in a letter.

- What innovations can be expected from the PFL in the next 4 years?

- We have certain plans. We have thought of this for the next season. We want to innovate in the format of the Premier League. But we must first discuss the issue with the AFFA leadership. Then we will have a meeting with the participation of club leaders and head coaches, we will exchange views. We will try to implement this project to make the championship more interesting.

- At present, the championship is held in 4 rounds. Will the format change be related to this?

- No, 4 cycles will remain in force. There are innovations that, if we can implement them, the championship will be more exciting and well-groomed. As before, there were 12 teams, the championship was known in the last seconds. We have devised a new format to return to that intrigue, to return to that period. I believe that most of our clubs will like it. We will leave the choice to the teams. I think 90 percent of the clubs will support it.

- Maybe a playoff system will be applied?

- Let's not disclose now. Speaking of which, I have to say it all. Don't steal a word from me (laughs - ES). Everything must be said on time. As you work, the process of professionalization goes deeper. We want the organization we work for to benefit football even more.

- You mentioned that there will be some innovations. But you did not touch on the issue of sponsorship. The Azerbaijani Premier League is held without sponsors. When will this problem be solved?

- I think this issue will be restored in January.