Qarabag is "visible", God tests Gurban Gurbanov, I do not know whether it is the effect of Rashad Sadigov's absence from the team or not - in any case, the end of this work does not look good.

One point in the group stage of the Euroleague, the fact that Agdam lost to arch-rivals Neftchi in two of three games this season, and the team's departure from the traditional style of play can be alleviated in some way. What about indiscipline?

But today, when I saw that Kevin Medina was once again punished by the Disciplinary Committee for unnecessary actions, I was left with the next question: what is the indiscipline we have never seen in Qarabag?

Azerbaijan almost knew the character of Wilde-Donald Geurrier. It was enough to follow the Instagram account to fully understand the human qualities of a person. However, in the previous period - in 2017-19, when he wore the uniform of "Karabakh", he could not be undisciplined. When he put his foot 1 meter away and uttered more than one word, he felt someone's fingers behind his neck.


However, after his second return to Qarabag, his indiscipline made it clear that I was, I am, and I should be. Returning 15 days late from the winter break, he left the team he played in the group stage of the Champions League with a smile and love.

He has now been replaced by Kevin Medina. Another gangster from the other side of the ocean. The Colombian, who passed Clesio Bauk like a tank in December, was sentenced to two games for it. "40" of the penalty was just released, and this time Medina showed that she did not realize that she was playing in "Karabakh" and under the leadership of Gurban Gurbanov by throwing her head at Mamadou Kane in the derby. At the root of Gurbanov's "explosion" at the post-match press conference was the disrespect shown by his player to himself and his teammates.

How it will be after that, what will change, what will be updated, let's leave it to time. It is obvious that today Karabakh suffers not only from the reduced budget, but also from the absence of Rashad Sadigov or someone like him. Maybe the head coach slapped his fist on the table. Yesterday Gerye, today Medina, tomorrow maybe Owusu ...

Now Gurban Gurbanov is concerned not only about the need to strengthen the staff and improve the quality of the game, but also the lack of a "right hand" or a fist. Let's hope that somehow the indiscipline in the team will be prevented. "Where there is no discipline, it is inappropriate to talk about the results," Gurbanov himself said at a press conference ...