The Premier League top scorer has scored more than 20 goals in the 2013-14 season.

Reynaldo was the best with 22 goals, and in the previous season, Nicolas Canales scored 26 times and introduced us to a figure we had not seen for many years. After the departure of Reynaldo and Canales, there are not only 22-26 goalscorers but also no one close to him.

2014-15 Nurlan Novruzov (“Baku”) - 15 goals

2015-16 Dani Quintana ("Qarabag") - 15 goals

2016-17 Rauf Aliyev (“Inter”), Filip Ozobic, (“Gabala”) - 11 goals

2017-18 Bagali Dabo (Gabala) - 13 goals

2018-19 Mahir Madatov / Emreli (“Qarabag”) - 16 goals

2019-20 Mahir Emreli (“Karabakh”), Peyman Babayi (“Sumgayit”), Bagali Dabo, Stephen Joseph-Monroe (both “Neftchi”) - 7 goals

You will agree that the productivity is very low for a championship with 28 rounds in an 8-team championship. The difference compared to the European leagues is obvious. If we look only at the last season - 20 rounds and 7 goals.

The increase in competition between the teams this season also seems to have affected the mood of the bombers. It is true that Namig Alasgarov and Mahir Emreli are far ahead of their rivals. But the fact that 3 of the top 4 players (Mahir, Namiq, Ali) are members of the national team should both make Gianni de Byazi smile and give him hope that he will score at least 20 goals at the end of the current season.

Mahir Emreli ("Qarabag") - 11 goals

Namig Alasgarov (Neftchi) - 10 goals

Ali Gurbani (“Sumgayit”), Filip Ozobich (“Qarabag”) - 7 goals

Mahir and Filip scored 12 goals, Namiq 14 and Ali 11 goals. This means that if they are not injured, we will have a lot of goals and productive games for the national team.

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