Captain Emin Mahmudov scored Neftchi's winning goal against Gabala in the 16th round of the Azerbaijan Premier League.

According to, the 28-year-old midfielder shared his impressions about the game and the winning goal in a statement to the club's press service.

"It was a very difficult game for us. We couldn't control the game, we lost a lot of balls. It's true, we won, but we have to play better than that, because we can't win every match due to character, struggle. The head coach told us to move more. We shouldn't help each other more. I wouldn't say that it was difficult to prepare psychologically for the game with Gabala after the victory over Karabakh, because we understood that defeating the main rival for the championship and then losing points in matches with other rivals will be no excuse. ”.

Mahmudov said that the absence of the players who missed the match with Gabala due to penalties and injuries was felt: “Of course, the absence of 5 players was felt, but it would not be an excuse for us. Every team has losses, so you have to win at any cost. Also, no one could guarantee that if those players were on the field, we would win. Because football is a team game. As for the goal I scored in the last minute, I put all my anger on this blow. "