A meeting of the Disciplinary Committee was held.

Offsideplus.az reports that Qarabag was fined for Uros Matici violation of standards. They will pay 3000.

 In addition, Zira player Dimitrios Chantakias was sent off for "aggressive behavior" in the game against Keshla and was penalized for two games, and the club was fined 1,600 manat.

The club was fined AZN 800 for sending off four players of Gabala.

In the 14th round of Division I match between MOIK and Zagatala, 4 players of MOIK were penalized with a yellow card and the club was fined 80 manat. The owners of the pitch will have to pay another 80 manat due to the violation of the number of carriers and carriers in the game.