Like many national football championships, the Azerbaijani Premier League has been suspended due to a coronavirus pandemic.

The break has put many clubs in a difficult financial position. TV channels have stopped paying clubs for broadcasting. Every day there are reports in the media that players and coaches are giving up part of their salaries. Barcelona, the highest-paid club in the world, has cut its players' salaries by 70 percent to pay their salaries. The offer was made by the players, and the decision was made public by the club's captain Lionel Messi.

The players of the Italian club Juventus gave up their salaries for a month and a half. The players took this step taking into account the club staff and the economic situation in Italy. England, who said they would pay only 20 percent of the club's salaries and the remaining 80 percent to be paid by the state, apologized to everyone on their official website after serious protests and announced that the decision had been overturned.

What is the current situation with Azerbaijani clubs? Are any measures taken? What steps will the club take if the break is extended or the championship is suspended? We tried to find answers to your questions.

The press service of the Premier League clubs told that everything is under control now. If the period continues, measures will be taken.

The head of the press service of Qarabag, Nurlan Ibrahimov said that the club's management did not allow the problem to arise: "The club's management has decided not to go to work between April 5-20. The base of the club is closed. This is a common problem. The most important thing now is health. As for the material, of course, it is also important, there is a question of the club's employees, the players' payments. It would be wrong to comment on the details now. As time goes on, certain steps can be taken. We are at home until April 20. We will live and see what happens after that. "


Although the situation at Neftchi is now normal, the situation may change depending on the situation. Neftchi spokesman Rustam Allahverdiyev said that factors such as the extension, UEFA's decisions and the postponement of the championship will affect the club: “Currently, the situation is normal. But since we cannot predict what will happen next, we do not know. We do not know when the championship will start, when it will end, what will be the decisions and recommendations of higher football institutions, and so on. To move to Plan B, you need to know what will happen. If any decision is made regarding the championship, we will take appropriate steps. "


The players of Sabah football club continue training at home. Sabah's spokesman Elnur Hamidov said he will not discuss the club's financial issues. "Currently, a similar situation prevails in almost all world football. The suspension of the championships can primarily affect the training of players. It is true that our footballers continue to train individually at home on the basis of the program given by our coaches. But it is no secret that this can not replace team training. But we must come to terms with the current situation. The quarantine is still going on in the country. Today, our main task is to fully comply with the rules of social isolation. It is unknown when the training will resume. The biggest problem now is that we are without football. This is a sad point not only for us, but for the whole world football community. As for financial issues, there was no discussion about it. Salaries were paid as usual.


The head of the press service of the Zira Football Club, Elmar Abdullazadeh did not rule out that there will be damage in football clubs, as in all areas: "The current situation will have a certain impact not  only on the club, but on everyone working in the country." If there is no action, it is inevitable. We will discuss the extent to which it will have a big or small impact on the club after the situation stabilizes. We still do not know what will be the contracts of the players, will help come from UEFA, and if so, what will be the amount? It is difficult to say for sure, because there are so many open questions. If the term is extended, not only our club, but in my opinion, all clubs will suffer.


Currently, the situation in Sumgayit Football Club is stable. Rashad Mammadov, the head of the press service of Sumgayit said that the health of employees is a priority for the club: "Currently, the situation in world football is complicated. Some clubs go for salary reductions, some players giving up part of their salaries, and so on. At present, there is no such problem in Sumgayit. As a club, the main issue we are thinking about now is the health of our players and employees. Now there is no question of any salary reduction or reduction. We do not know what will happen in the future. We hope that soon this trouble will pass us and our championship will continue as before.


We learned from Keshla and Sabail that there were no changes, that the players' salaries were paid as before, and that financial issues were not discussed. Gabala football club said that they are still waiting for the quarantine period. Then, depending on the process, discussions can be held and decisions can be made.

It is a positive thing that Premier League clubs do not have any financial difficulties. The extension of the deadline, the decisions of the football authorities do not preclude any steps in the future. A letter sent to the clubs by the European Players' Union and the European Professional Football League states that "the leagues believe and plan that the leagues will continue in July-August at the latest, it will not be the right decision to register the results before the end of the leagues." "It was noted.