presents  you three famous football players who returned to the green grass after recovering from serious injuries and serious diseases:

Eric Abidal

Eric Abidala, who became famous in the Barcelona team, was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2011. Abidal recovered in a few months after doctors diagnosed him with cancer in time and lifted the 2011 Champions League trophy. However, after his recovery, Abidal fell ill again and needed a donor. Although his teammate Dani Alves was the first volunteer, Abidal's brother was later selected as the donor. After a full recovery, he moved to Monaco. Eric Abidal is currently the sporting director of Barcelona.


Antonio Cassano

After a confident performance at the Bari club in 2001, the young Cassano, who managed to attract all the attention, moved to the capital club Roma next season. Antonio, who left for Real Madrid after spending five seasons at Roma, moved to Sampdoria and then to Milan because he did not travel with the coaches here. In 2011, Cassano was diagnosed with heart problems and was diagnosed with death. After 6 months of treatment, Cassano is able to recover and return to the green. Antonio announced the end of his career in 2017.


Tiago Silva

Silva, a young Brazilian who joined Dynamo Moscow in 2005, was diagnosed with tuberculosis after a medical examination. Dynamo's chief doctor Yuri Vasilkov helped him recover. Thiago Silva returns to Brazil without playing a single game at Dynamo. After spending two seasons at Fluminense in Brazil, Thiago transferred to AC Milan. He joined the French club PSG in 2012 and still plays for this club.