A unique event took place at the 2011 World Boxing Championship in Baku.

A former member of the Ukrainian national team Vasily Lomachenko made this statement in the film "Hello, my brother Christ Voskres" about the Orthodox faith. The owner of the leather gloves, who weighed in at 60 kg at the time, described the acceptance of the protests as the first and only case in the history of boxing.

Lomachenko said he faced referee injustice in his 1/8 final match against Brazilian Robson Conceição : "It was a licensed fight for the 2012 London Summer Olympics. The winner of the match would get a license for the Olympics. The referee did not raise his hand. I was very disappointed and cried. I immediately decided to switch to professional boxing. I said that I do not want to go to the next license tournament, to participate in the Olympics. "

According to the Ukrainian boxer, at that time his father, who was always walking with headphones, listened to prayers and gave him a "player" in the locker room. "Until now, no protests in the history of amateur boxing have been met. All protests have been rejected. We came to the hotel and waited for a decision in the room. For some reason, everything took a long time," Lomachenko said. ".

The well-known boxer announced that the president of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Olympic champion in pole vault Sergei Bubka was involved in the case. Lomachenko recalled that evening the decision was changed and he won a license for the Olympics: "So far, this is the first and only case of protest in amateur boxing."

It should be noted that Vasily Lomachenko won another gold medal at the World Championship in Baku.